The Season is Over? Not so Fast!!

The college football season ended on January 13th with LSU winning the championship. The NFL season ended on February 2nd with the Chiefs winning it all. I briefly want to re-visit my article from before the playoffs started and see just how poor my predictions were. Also, it would be normal for football fans to turn their attention to a different sport or focus on the Draft, free agency, and signing periods. That could be different this year! The XFL starts playing games tomorrow, wait, haven’t we had the XFL before? Let’s take a look at this version of the XFL to see if it has a chance to stick around.

My predictions for the NFL playoffs were not surprisingly ruined after the 2nd game when the Titans knocked off the mighty Patriots. The Titans then decided to go ahead and knock off the dominant Ravens. Their run ended after they ran out of gas against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. In the NFC the Vikings beat the Saints in the first round but their season was ended the next week against the 49ers. The Packers beat the Seahawks and it set up the title game against the 49ers. That game was over by half as the 49ers were fantastic. We then had a Chiefs and 49ers matchup for all the marbles and the Chiefs were victorious in a highly entertaining game.

Normally, I would turn my attention to the stretch run of the NHL and NBA seasons but this year could be a little different. We have another new league trying to gain a share of football viewers. The XFL is making another run at grabbing our attention. Almost 20 years ago the XFL took their first shot and were somewhat successful for a couple of weeks. The marketing of the league was solid, but the play on the field was not. After one year the league folded and one would have assumed that would be the last we heard from the XFL. What will make this go around different?

The league has 8 teams representing the following cities: Seattle Dragons, DC Defenders, LA Wildcats, Houston Roughnecks, Tampa Bay Vipers, NY Guardians, St. Louis Battlehawks, and the Dallas Renegades. The season will consist of 10 regular season games with one against every team in the league and 2 against intra-divisional teams. There will be two rounds of playoffs to crown a champion.

There will be some marquee names in the league. A few of the coaches are Bob Stoops, June Jones, Kevin Gilbride, and Marc Trestman. Those are some pretty big names and I am not even discussing Jerry Glanville as a defensive coordinator. He will be fun to watch, hopefully cameras and microphones will be on him at all times. It seems the coaching has to be much better this time around. Will the play be any better? Some of the QB’s will be Cardale Jones, Aaron Murray, and Landry Jones. That talent has to be better than the first attempt.

I am not exactly sure I have the time to follow another league, but I will certainly give this league another chance. Ultimately, competition is fun to watch at any level as long as it real and honest. I think the best thing that can come of this league is that it sticks around and becomes a type of feeder system for the NFL. I love the idea of players continuing to follow their dream and if this league helps out with that I am all for it. What can it hurt if it is actually entertaining?

—Victor Mandalawi