Free Agency Begins!

NFL free agency begins at 4pm et on Thursday, March 9th.  Usually this means a few things.  There will be players that hit it big in free agency.  There will players that that earn less money than they felt they were worth.  There might even be players that take less than market value so they can go to a team they feel they have a chance to compete for a championship.  One of the the other parts of free agency are when teams start cutting their higher paid players that might not be performing up to their contract or they even release players to free up money to sign new free agents.  No matter what team you follow it is pretty much a given that they are going to make a few moves today, or at least be rumored to.

Since none of these moves are technically official, they are just from sources.  However, you can almost bet that they are on good authority.  One of those rumors is that the Bears are getting Mike Glennon.  It seems to be a very lucrative deal for Mike Glennon.  He has played a little in his career, but the Bucs drafted Winston to replace Glennon.  Now Glennon is getting 15 million a year.  Good for Glennon, take what you can get while you can.  The flip side of that signing will be that Jay Cutler is going to get released from the Bears. A team can’t afford to pay 2 Qb’s that much money.

Chris Long was drafted 2nd overall years ago.  He has made plenty of money in his career.  Last year he decided to sign for a short term, one year deal at under market value with the Patriots.  The thought was that he would get a chance to play for a contender as he had never played on a winning team.  He gambled by taking a short term deal, but it paid off.  He was able to play in and win the Super Bowl with the Patriots. He is now a free agent and will most likely sign somewhere and get more money than he made last year.

It has been thought for quite some time that Tony Romo will not be playing for the Cowboys next year. It is perceived to be Dak Prescott’s team now.  If that is true, why pay Romo so much money to sit the bench?  The Cowboys are trying to trade him, but the salary cap makes trading more difficult than it should be.  The thought now is that Romo would be going to Houston to replace Osweiler, who is being traded to the Browns. It seems like a game of revolving doors.

The NFL seems to get covered in their off-season more than any of the other major sports.  This is a really neat time of the year for NFL fans.  Teams and fans can look forward to free agency and then shortly after the draft.  There is hope that a few good signings and a few good picks can really turn the fortunes of your team.  It is also exciting that as I was writing this article, plenty of changes were happening.  So in a matter of an hour, the landscape of the NFL can change a little.  That can be pretty exciting!