Cubs Win! Cubs Win!



I would most people have heard that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night.  It was a fantastic game that resembled a roller-coaster.  There were ups and downs for both teams and fan-bases.  The series in general was quite entertaining and of course it had plenty of story lines.  Just the idea of going to a game 7 is entertainment enough.  However, you add in that it is the Cubs and they were down 3-1 in the series makes the drama that much more thick.  Who was the MVP, how did the fans react, was the game a highly rated television viewing?  By the way it had been 108 years since the Cubs last won a World Series!

The game itself was not necessarily played well, but it was still a fantastic game to watch.  It seemed as if the Cubs were going to run away with the game, but the Indians stabilized and clawed back.  The Cubs best relief pitcher was on the mound with a 6-3 lead. I am not sure you could ask for anything else, yet Cleveland fought and tied it up at 6-6.  The 9th inning came up empty for both teams, and then there was a rain delay that was very short. The Cubs came out of the delay and took control by plating two runs in the 10th inning.  Cleveland did manage to score another run in the bottom of the tenth inning but the Cubs were able to seal the deal and end the game!

Of course it takes a lot contributions to win a World Series and the Cubs received plenty from pitchers and hitters.  The MVP was given to Ben Zobrist, not only did he knock in the go ahead run in extra innings but he was the most consistent performer throughout the series for the Cubs.  Zobrist and his teammates really helped Joe Maddon.  He is a great manager that seems to have an answer for all of his moves, but a few in the last couple of games were quite inexplicable to say the least.

Despite Maddon’s moves and Chapman blowing the lead, they won and the celebration was on.  You have your typical champagne spraying, hugging, screaming, etc. The Cubs have quite a large fan base and there are plenty of celebrities that love the Cubs.  Somehow they managed to gain access to the locker room and you saw Eddie Vedder and Bill Murray.  I am not necessarily a fan of Murray and his act, but he has been with the Cubs for a long time.  I can remember him sitting with Harry Carray during the first night game at Wrigley Field.  The players and ownership must love him to allow him access and that is all that matters.

The party will rage on for days, weeks, months for Cubs fans.  It starts tomorrow with the celebratory parade.  What do you think that scene will be like? How productive will the workforce in Chicago be for the next few days?  I do not think it matters if you are a Cubs fan, if you are a baseball fan you have to happy for the Cubs.  It is clear that the game was highly viewed.  The most wacthed baseball game in 15 years!  If you believe in curses, this one is put to bed.  Hopefully it does not take another 108 years to win another!

–Victor Mandalawi