The Week in Sports


There are times throughout a year that the sports world can be slower than normal.  This seems to be one of those times.  In the NFL, the Super Bowl is complete and the draft news has not really heated up to its normal temperature.  Spring training has begun for MLB, but the season is still quite some time away.  The NBA is past the halfway point and getting ready for the All-Star game, but playoff fever has not necessarily heated up yet.  So if you believe that the sports world is slower than normal, I would argue that the sports world never slows.  You can always find something to discuss.

The Super Bowl is over, so there can’t be anything to talk about other than the draft, right?  I would say, wrong! The HOF voting was announced and it is a great class.  The players were great across the board and even if you do not like Jerry Jones, you would have to admit his contribution to football has been great.  Sometimes the guys that do get into the HOF get overshadowed by the news of people that did not get in.  This year, Terrell Owens was not voted in.  Most would argue that his statistics and talent should have him in the Hall, but it seems that the voters held his perceived attitude against him.  He will get in eventually.  How about this piece of news? A man in the Boston area recently got a tattoo.  What do you think it could be?  How about the likeness of Tom Brady.  Seems silly, until you find out that it was on his backside, and then silly is not even close to describing it.  Enjoy that for the rest of your life.

Spring training has started and it can give people a feeling of “spring in the air”.  Usually spring training means very little meaningful baseball.  A few jobs will be won or lost, but mostly a lot of weird injury stories surface.  The Marlins could be sold, but seems to be complicated now.  That is web of relationships that seems tough to untangle.  How about the title of this article?  Using A-Rod’s name will always get attention, but when you use it in the same line as Girardi’s is it supposed to make people think that Girardi will be replaced by A-Rod?  Cheap headlines in my opinion.

The NBA has All-Star weekend coming.  It is a great event that showcases plenty of talented individuals.  What will be your favorite event?  My personal favorite is the game itself.  The players do not play much defense and the creativity on offense really shines through.  When I was a child, I loved the slam dunk contest.  It is still a great event, but I feel that coming up with something new and exciting is just about impossible now.

No matter what your favorite sport is, you can find a story to keep your interest at just about any time of the year.  In my opinion, that is what makes sports great.  Maybe our idea of a “story” has changed over the years.  I can not imagine a guy getting a tattoo of Joe Montana on his butt being a story in 1985.  Maybe I am wrong though?

—Victor Mandalawi