The Future of Television?


I don’t watch much television these days, but with the monumental shifts in technology over the last ten years, you have to wonder what the next ten years hold.  Each time I look at my DirecTV bill it seems to be growing.  In order to watch ‘House of Cards’ I have to go to Netflix.  In order to watch Wrestlemania, I had to use the AppleTV to find the WWE Network.  Right there is three different television services required to watch the shows that I am interested in.  I also ordered the Mayweather/Pacquio fight this month.  When you take a step back and look at it, its quite a bit of money to spend on a monthly basis, especially when I average about 5-8 hours of tv per week.

One would have to imagine that in the coming years, we could be able to purchase every channel or maybe even every show a la carte?  Its an interesting premise, and there is so much money out there to be made, it could make sense.  Of the 500 channels I have on DirecTV, I probably watch five or six.  Whereas LifeTime Movies might be right up the alley for some demographics, I’ve never laid eyes on the channel, but still pay for it each month.

Even if you look at something like Sunday Ticket for the NFL, where people put down hundreds of dollars each year to watch all of the NFL games.  Wouldn’t it be nice, and maybe even make sense to be able to order that on a week to week basis?  I don’t know about you, but its not exactly easy to to carve out nine hours each Sunday for 17 weeks to watch football.  I actually may go outside, or head out of town.  That said, some weekends, I could be home for the games, and it would be great to watch.

Another thought process is to have each person who watches the TV have to ‘login’ to some extent so you could see suggested shows based on past viewing habits.  Another and far more lucrative idea would be to serve commercials based on the perceived demographic of the person viewing the television at the time.  Let’s face it, the person who is watching CNBC, Fox News and the Golf Channel is most likely a different demographic that a person watching SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Of course there are already targeted commercials based on the network, but you would think if television was more a la carte and with viewing history you could serve up far more targeted spots even than we have now.

The tv landscape is becoming so cluttered with devices, streaming services, watching shows on a mobile device and additional channels in your cable package that you have to wonder if we are reaching a tipping point.  People don’t want to have 12 devices to watch their shows.  Its anyone’s guess as to what the future holds in regards to television but you would have to imagine that there has to be some form of consolidation down the road.  Well at least my wallet hopes so.