Choice Home Warranty Continuing to Improve Customer Experience

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Our team at Choice Home Warranty has been working hard to provide better coverage and service to our customers over the last few years.  Whether it is building out a new call center, increasing the size and training of our team, our goal is to do everything in our power to create not only peace of mind for our customers, but an excellent experience as well.

Come February 10, we are moving forward with our next innovation with the customer in mind.  We are creating a new system for our technicians to come out and diagnose and fix any issues at your home faster than ever.

The new system is what we call CADS  It stands for Choice Automated Dispatch Service.  The best way to describe the new system is something similar to the ride share programs out there right now like Uber or Lyft.  As soon as a client contacts our customer services representative and the claim is entered, a notification will be sent out to all of the qualified technicians within a radius of your home.  The first technician to accept the job, will then make immediate plans to come to your home to diagnose and hopefully fix the issue at hand and back to that piece of mind.  We will continue to innovate, and this is our next step to improving the experience of our loyal customers.