It’s Official!


As of 12pm Friday, January 20,  Donald Trump was President of the United States of America.  That statement seems like it can not be true, but it is.  Who would have thought 5 years ago that he could or would be the President? Did anyone watch the events leading up to the Inauguration? How about the Inauguration?  During his speech, Trump made many statement/promises that seem to be extremely lofty goals.  That is nothing new, he has been making these statements for a year now.  Did the Obama’s have any issues on the way out?

Thursday night was full of protests and rioting and nothing changed on Friday morning.  Businesses were damaged and pepper spray was used.  Seems like a pretty silly thing to do. Protesting is a part of our culture and it is our right.  However, peaceful protesting should be the ticket.  When property damage, human damage, and tons of money is spent to keep people safe it seems to be counter productive.  According to NBC News, 95 people have been arrested in the Washington DC area.  I am sure that number has increased.  The Presidency is always a hot-button topic, but Trump really seems to move the needle more than anyone I can remember in recent years.

President Trump, that is weird to type, had one heck of a day.  He started off by taking the oath of office, then gave a speech that makes plenty of promises, moved into a new house, and then went to a bunch of parties that celebrate the inauguration.     That would be enough for me to sleep in the next day!  Trump reminded everyone of his theme, “Make America Great Again”. Those are lofty goals, but I would rather him set the goal high and come up short than not have a goal at all.

So on a funny note, check out this article about the Inauguration cake.  The Trump team has been accused of plagiarizing a few times and now the cake might be plagiarized!  How on Earth could someone let that happen?  They look the exact same.  Let’s hope there are some new ideas for the next cake in 4 years.

Here are a few things about the departure of Obama.  How about the fact that his plane had to be diverted yesterday.  His last day in office and his first flight as a civilian gets messed up.  The article notes that the handful of supporters gathered had to go home unhappy because the Obama’s flight was diverted to another airport. Any idea how much money Obama will make from the Federal Government?  According to this article, Obama will make $207,800 in pension payments as a retired Government employee.  That is a decent pension, but it will be pennies compared to the money he will make in the private sector and through speaking engagements and book deals.

No matter what side of the fence you were on, it does not matter at this point.  Trump is our President and he deserves a fair shot.  If he can not deliver on his promises he will get his share of negative reactions.  I have a feeling that even if he does deliver, he will have his share of negative press.  He just moves the needle that much!





Never a Dull Moment in the World of Sports!


On any given day there seems to be some type of news coming out of the world of sports.  I could pick just about any type of sport and I could find something that is newsworthy.  We need to set some type of boundaries or I could pick an easy topic or go back 3 months?  I would think that if we give it one week in a particular sport we will find something.  That includes sports that are not even in session. First, lets touch on a few sports that are in season.

It seems that football is always making news, but this is one of the biggest weekends in football all year.  The divisional playoffs usually offer the best 8 teams in the league and they play at separate times for “maximum viewing pleasure”.  The weather is even causing the NFL to make changes to game times, that is newsworthy to say the least. You can find multiple major stories in the NBA.  Is there more to the Derrick Rose story?  You do not see many former MVP’s leaving the team before a game without letting anyone know about it.  The NBA is actually thinking of ways to appease millennials by changing the endings of their games.  Golf is in season and of course you can find news!  Justin Thomas shot a 59 the other day and Jim Furyk was named captain of the the next Ryder Cup team.

It should be a lot harder to find stories from sports that are not in season like Auto Racing, Baseball, and College Football.  Lets take a look and see if anything is happening!  We can start with NASCAR, one of the biggest stars in the sport, Carl Edwards, has retired at a very early age.  Edwards recognized that he might not be retiring for good, just stepping away.  He mentioned that he is healthy and the sport is full of risks.  He is basically getting out while he can. Any news in MLB?  Spring training is still a month away, free agency has been very slow so what else could be happening?  Two of the games best players agreed to one year deals today to avoid arbitration.  Bryce Harper and Jake Arrieta are kind of at the mercy of the labor agreement. Their respective teams do not have to pay them a long term deal if they do not want.  However, that will be changing as of next year for Arrieta, he will be a free-agent and can cash in with a long and lucrative contract.

The National Championship game  in college football has been played, yet there is still important newsworthy events.  This is not even a professional sport!  There is news about certain players declaring for the NFL draft, coaches switching jobs, and former star players getting in trouble with the law.  I always seem to fall back on sports for many life lessons and certainly for personal enjoyment. It looks like I am not the only one as the world of sports is being consumed daily.

–Victor Mandalawi


2016 in review


According to the calendar, this year in review article is a little late.  Since it is my blog, I think I can get away with the tardiness.  Also, have you ever read the year in review articles that are published in mid-December?  Obviously, they were written before the publish date so they are leaving out a minimum of 2-3 weeks of the year.  That is a large chunk of time.  Regardless of the timing, my attempt at a “year in review” is below.  When looking through my blog posts it may not give a real window into 2016 for the World or Nation.  It is more or less a personal year in review and that is not nearly as interesting as a National or World scale.  When you look at the news based posts, you can see a theme start to form.  The year was dominated by violence, the Olympic Games, and the Chicago Cubs.  Sorry, I almost forgot about Trump, Trump, and more Trump!

It seems that violence could be on the year in review every year.  That is quite sad, but it is reality.  Every year we see stories about gunmen shooting up schools, malls, and workplaces.  In a very recent article on my blog, I touched on the needless violence.  The violence is not just limited to one person carrying out a heinous act.  The city of Chicago had 762 murders in 2016.  That is their most in almost 20 years.  Set aside the fact that 762 people have needlessly died, how many other people are suffering from the loss of life?  The effects are wide ranging and very sad. I can remember reading this statistic, the city averages one child death per week due to violence.  Innocent children are dying and it has to stop. News broke earlier today that a gunmen opened fire in the Ft. Lauderdale airport killing five and injuring more. This is not a good start to 2017.

Our Nation loves sports, so naturally there were a couple of huge sports stories in 2016. The Summer Olympics were in Brazil.  The United States performed very well in many events and was the overall medal leader.  However, there are always story lines that prevail in the Olympics and this year was no different.  In my article I covered a few,  including the Lochte story.  The other story of the year in sports would be the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. The Cubs had not won the World Series in 108 years and they did it dramatically by winning in 7 games.  The victory certainly stirred many emotions in the Cubs fanbase and around the World.

Another massive story for 2016 was Donald Trump.  I could write plenty of articles on this topic.  However, I will keep it to just a few sentences.  I would have never thought it was possible for a guy that had a reality show could become the President of the United States.  He made some bold statements in his acceptance speech, hopefully he keeps his promises.  They will benefit our Country.

I am not a journalist, so my year in review is not going to be nearly as good as it should.  However, I would like to think that the major stories would be the same.  Check out this article, the year in pictures,  It is a really great thing to be able to look back and see how the year unfolded.  Let’s hope 2017 is a safe and prosperous year for all!

–Victor Mandalawi